Beware new domain name extensions…

Here’s something I didn’t anticipate when choosing the domain name for my consulting company.  It’s survivable, but it may be more significant to you if you’re also going down this path.

I chose to use one of the relatively new domain name extensions to define my web presence,  I considered the ‘findability’ of my site and concluded that the vast majority of visits would be through links provided elsewhere, and there’s not a lot of risk of confusion with the predominant domains ending in .com, .net, etc.

The problem I’ve run into is that some, and presumably many, existing websites that require a form to be filled out have data input validation (a good thing) but their rules have not been updated to acknowledge the new domain extensions as valid entries.  I registered my domain many months ago, incidentally.  I first bumped into this a few weeks ago when ordering business cards from an online print company and I couldn’t complete an order form unless I replaced my business email address with my gmail one.  Minorly annoying, but no big deal.  More recently, I couldn’t use my business email address to sign up for an industry blogger’s mailing list.  Hmm. 

The more concerning gap showed up when I was intalling a WordPress plugin to autopublish blog posts to LinkedIn, saving the manual steps I’d otherwise be following.  To do so, the plugin uses the LinkedIn API, and guides me to define a LinkedIn application in the LinkedIn Developer area (  The LinkedIn form rejects my domain name, saying “Please enter a valid URL.” 

Apart from the inconvenience of not being able to publish directly from my blog, I believe this will also show up in how each post (page) is presented in the feed.  I can understand how Vistaprint and independent bloggers might have this issue for awhile, but LinkedIn?  C’mon. 

If any of you are familiar with this issue, please chime in!


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